Smoked Bottom Round Roast

Smoked Bottom Round Roast

This delicious cut of smoked beef is perfect for any get-together or BBQ party. The smoked bottom round roast is cooked slowly on oak wood for a perfect BBQ. It is prepared with a couple of mouthwatering dry rubs like paprika and garlic, and that too, Texas-style. Beef bottom round roast is really easy to make. Want to learn how? Keep reading this recipe and you will get to know the answer.

How to make smoked bottom round roast

In this recipe, we will be looking at the fundamentals of a cooked bottom round roast. We will be covering a few aspects like seasoning and how to smoke beef roast. And by covering such details in the result you will get a tender round of roast beef. It is better served, sliced, and can be used with sandwiches or any other side dish.

Before diving into the recipe. Let’s just know first, what we are cooking. What is a beef bottom round roast? The bottom round is basically a piece of meat that is obtained from the hind leg of the cow. In this part of the cow, you can get a lot of cuts like top round, bottom round, and eye round.

The leg has a lot of movement which results in less fat content in the bottom round. So this makes it lean and more likely to get dry when smoked. But there is a solution for this as well. By using a good salt dry brine you can eliminate this problem and smoke the bottom round roast efficiently.

  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 2 hours
  • Dry brine time: 2 hours
  • Total cooking time: 4 hours 10 minutes
  • Smoker Temperature: 225°F
  • Meat internal Temperature: 130°F
  • Wood: Oak
  • Serving: 6 people

Tools required

  • Smoker
  • Instant read thermometer
  • wood chips


  • 3 lb beef bottom round roast,
  • 1 ½ teaspoon kosher salt,
  • yellow mustard

Dry Rub

  • ¾ cup kosher salt
  • ¾ cup black pepper
  • ½ tablespoon garlic powder
  • ½ tablespoon onion powder
  • ½ tablespoon paprika
  • 1 teaspoon cayenne powder

Smoking Bottom Round Roast

  1. Take the beef bottom round roast and prepare it for dry brine. Cover the bottom round of beef in salt and let it sit for about 2 hours in the fridge.
  2. Prepare the smoker, Light it up and set the temperature to 225 degrees F. We will be cooking it on indirect heat, so set the smoker according to that.
  3. In a small mixing bowl add all the ingredients of dry rub and mix them well until they are combined well.
  4. Now take out the beef and apply a thin layer of mustard to the beef and then sprinkle the rub on the beef. Cover the beef evenly with the dry rub.
  5. Once it is seasoned well, then put the beef bottom round roast on the smoker rack and put it in the smoker for about 2 hours. When the internal temperature reaches 130 degrees F, this means it is medium-rare cooked.
  6. As soon as it is cooked remove it from the smoker and tent in a foil for 10 minutes. After that Thin sliced roast beef and serve.

BBQ Hero Tips: Do not cook meat post medium rare doneness as it will dry out the meat.

Detailed Cooking Instructions

Brine the beef bottom round roast

Dry brining is important for this cut of beef as this is lean and gets dry when smoked. So it is important to brine the bottom round. To balance the lean build of the bottom round, add some kosher salt to the beef and make a thin layer of it. This will not only help the beef stay moist and tender, but it will also boost up the natural flavor of the beef bottom round.

Once you have covered it in salt, leave it for a minimum of 2 hours in the fridge.

Preheat the smoker

It is quite important to set the temperature right for a smoked beef roast. Heat up the smoker and set the temperature to 225 degrees F. For this recipe, we will be using the indirect heat method, so it is important that you set the smoker according to that as we will not roast directly.

Add oak wood chips to the coal for a strong and hard flavor, as we are using beef we can use wood with a hard smoke flavor.

Make the Dry rub

If you want your smoked roast beef to be mouthwateringly delicious, then it is time to make the thing that will give the smoked beef round bottom roast it an amazing flavor. Take a small bowl for mixing and add salt, coarsely ground black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and cayenne pepper. Mix them all together until they are well combined.

Prepare the roast

Take the roast out of the fridge and apply a thin layer of mustard on it. Then sprinkle the spice rub that you just made and coat the beef bottom round roast evenly with the spice rub.

Smoke the roast

Now comes the key part. Place the seasoned beef on the grill rack, and put it in the smoker. Make sure to bring it out of the fridge 40 minutes before the smoking process. Set it to room temperature and then start cooking it.

Once it is in the smoker, close the lid of the smoker and let it sit there for about 2 hours. Use a probe thermometer to keep an eye on the internal temperature. Whenever you are smoking other meats it is really important to check the internal temperature of the meat. That’s where you get to know if the meat is cooked or not.

As soon as you see the temperature getting to the desired point, take the roast out of the smoker. Because if you overcook it, the roast will become dry and tough. So as the internal temperature reaches is at 130 degrees F. This means the beef bottom round roast is medium-rare. Take it out of the smoker.

As you take it out of the smoker, use aluminum foil to wrap the beef roast in it. Just keep in mind that it should not touch the beef as it will create steam. Let it rest for about 10 to 15 minutes.


Take the foil off and use a sharp knife and a clean cutting board to make thin slices of the roast. And serve it with your favorite side dishes.

Smoked Bottom Round Roast
Smoked Bottom Round Roast

Frequently Asked Questions

Is bottom round roast good to smoke?

Yes, it is absolutely good to smoke, but always keep in mind that the eye round, bottom round, and top round, these three will taste good if they are cooked from rare to medium-rare. If you cook it more than that, the beef will get dry.

Should I brine the bottom round roast?

Brining the lean cuts of the beef, like bottom round is important if you are going for the dry cooking methods such as grilling or roasting. The brine will help the bottom round roast to maintain its moistness when smoked.

At what temperature is the bottom round roast done?

The bottom round or rump roast is done at 325 degrees F in a preheated oven or a smoker, and the internal temperature should be around 135 degrees F.

What’s better, top round or bottom round?

The top round is leaner than the bottom round, and it is also very tender. Whereas the bottom round is a bit tougher.

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