Smoked Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Smoked Sweet Potatoes

Serving the main course on holiday dinners without a perfect sideline is not fair! To enjoy a perfect meal, you must pair it with an excellent side dish, and that sideline is Smoked Sweet Potatoes. Sweet potatoes, when they give you a smokey taste, garnished with some maple syrup and melted butter, will rock your world.

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Smoked Sweet Potatoes

Besides being delicious and the best sideline for almost every BBQ dish, Smoked sweet potatoes are incredibly easy to make and are absolutely amazing.

My recommendation is to give it a try with The Best Smoked Lamb Chops, Reverse Sear Steak, or Smoked Turkey.

How To Make Smoked Sweet Potatoes

Step 1: Preheat Smoker

First clean your smoker and Light up it to maintain the internal temperature at 225ºF.

Step 2: Wash & Prep Sweet Potatoes

Place the sweet potatoes under cool running water and scrub them properly to remove all the dirt and grime. When done washing the potatoes, pat dry them with a paper towel. After that, take a fork and poke each potato from all sides. Do you know why we poke the sweet potatoes with a fork? We do this so the steam can have a passage to move out without exploding the potato.

Then brush them with olive oil and season the sweet potatoes with salt. Place them on a cooking sheet so that they can be easily transferred and smoked.

Step 3: Smoke Sweet Potatoes

Place the potatoes directly onto the smoker. Before putting them in the smoker, make sure that the internal temperature is 225ºF. Let them smoke for almost 2 hours. After 60 minutes, open the lid and poke the fork in the potatoes. If it goes in quickly, it means that your potatoes are ready and if not, let them smoke for some more time.

Step 4: Prepare Butter Garnish

Take a small saucepan and heat the butter. When melted, turn off the stove, add bbq rub along with brown sugar, whisk them, and let it rest for some time until it forms a paste consistency.

Step 5: Serve!

Once you can pierce the potatoes, remove them from the grill, slice them down, top them with butter paste, and enjoy smoked sweet potatoes!

Tips For Making The Best Smoked Sweet Potatoes

  • Timing Is Everything. If you have prepared your potatoes earlier than your main course, let them stay in the smoker at a temperature of 179ºF. By doing this you can serve hot and sizzling smoked sweet potatoes with the dish cuisine.
  • Soak Before. Try soaking your sweet potatoes in cold water before for a couple of hours before smoking.

Best Beer To Pair With Smoked Sweet Potatoes

This vibrant dish deserves a beer companion that can match its bold flavors and smoky goodness. Let’s explore the top beer pairings that will make your sweet potatoes a taste sensation.


Hefeweizen, with its light and fruity character, is like a sunny day in a glass for your Smoked Sweet Potatoes. The beer’s subtle banana and clove notes complement the sweet, smoky flavors of the dish, creating a delightful harmony that’s simply mouthwatering. The effervescence of Hefeweizen refreshes your palate, making every bite of sweet potatoes feel like a delightful taste adventure. This pairing is as sunny and cheerful as a picnic in the park.

Amber Lager

Amber Lager, with its malty and slightly caramel notes, is like a cozy campfire for your Smoked Sweet Potatoes. The beer’s toasted flavors enhance the smokiness of the potatoes, creating a rich and comforting pairing. The mild bitterness and malty sweetness of Amber Lager balance the bold flavors, making every bite of sweet potatoes feel like a warm, satisfying hug. This pairing is as comforting as a night by the fire with friends.

Belgian Dubbel

Belgian Dubbel, with its dark and complex character, is like a carnival of flavors for your Smoked Sweet Potatoes. The beer’s deep, malty taste with hints of dark fruit enhances the smoky richness of the dish, creating a unique and enjoyable pairing. The effervescence and complexity of Dubbel add an extra layer of excitement to each bite, making your sweet potatoes taste like a delightful flavor celebration. This pairing is as lively as a day at the fair, where the sweet potatoes take center stage.

More Smoked Vegetable Options

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Smoked Sweet Potatoes

Smoked Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Delicious Smoked Sweet Potatoes you can try at home.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours 10 minutes
Servings 4



  • 4 sweet potatoes, rinsed and dried
  • Typical butter or salted butter
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Brown sugar
  • BBQ rub


  • Start your smoker and get the temperature stable at 225ºF.
  • Wash and dry your sweet potatoes, then pierce them with a fork on all sides. Next, rub the olive oil all over the skin of the sweet potatoes and season the sweet potatoes with salt.
  • Place the potatoes directly onto the grill and smoke for 2 hours. You want to be able to easily pierce the potatoes with a fork, so if you can’t do this by the 1-hour mark, you may need to smoke for longer.
  • Prepare the garnishing.
  • Once you pierce the potatoes, remove them from the grill, slice them down the middle, top them with your favorite toppings, and enjoy!
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Smoked Sweet Potatoes FAQs

What Is The Healthiest Way To Cook Sweet Potatoes?

In my opinion, boiling sweet potatoes is the healthiest way to cook. Boiling sweet potatoes preserves more beta-carotene and increases the nutrient’s absorption over other cooking techniques like baking or frying. By cooking for only 20 minutes in a securely covered pot, up to 92 percent of the nutrition may be preserved.

How long does it take to smoke a yam?

If you are not in a rush, then at 225°F, it will take almost 2-3 hours to smoke the sweet potatoes properly. Or, if you are short on it, crank up the heat to 275°F-300°F. It will take almost 1 hour and 30 minutes to smoke the yam.

Is it OK to soak sweet potatoes in water?

I prefer to boil the potatoes rather than roasting them.

Compared to roasting and steaming, boiling may preserve the majority of sweet potato’s antioxidant potential. Baking can reduce vitamin A levels by 80%, which is twice as much as boiling. As a result, when it comes to preparing sweet potatoes, boiling is preferable to baking since it retains a more nutritious value.

What flavours go well with sweet potato?

Sweet potato goes well with several things like herbs and spices you can use

1.Chili powder
10.Pumpkin pie spice

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