Guga Foods

Guga Foods

If you’ve spent time watching meat-smoking videos on YouTube, you’ve undoubtedly come across Guga Foods. With a combined 5.5 million subscribers across his two channels, Guga, the Brazilian Chef turned YouTube cooking sensation, is well known for his meat experiments with dry aging, Guga Rub, Butter of the Gods, odd cuts of meat, and more.

Guga’s fun-loving personality and incredibly well-filmed and edited cooking videos make it very easy to get caught in a Guga Foods video marathon! Trust me, I’ve been there and done that many times!

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The popular food channel GugaFoods currently has over 3 million subscribers and growing every day! His most-watched YouTube video (Can DRY AGE save a $1 Steak?) has over 20 million views. That’s a lot of people wanting to make cheap steak taste great!

While Guga’s primary YouTube channel is Guga Foods, he also runs another channel called Sous Vide Everything. Starting in 2017, Sous Vide Everything has grown to have over 1.75 million subscribers (as of Nov 2022) and is climbing!

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Guga Foods Culinary Experiments

Once you’ve watched enough Guga Foods videos, you’ll know that he can cook a perfect medium-rare steak with his eyes closed and hands tied behind his back (he should try that experiment next).

Guga is well known for his food experiments. From cooking a steak 25 different ways to dry aging every meat, if you challenge him with a new but reasonable investigation, there’s a pretty good chance he’ll try it.

Some of the best and most ‘reasonable’ popular videos Guga Foods Experiments include:

Then there are the culinary food experiments that make absolutely no sense but somehow, he pulls them off. I mean, I’m not sure what Angel (Guga’s nephew and taste test volunteer) thinks of these, but I think the wildest food experiments include:

When I started this website, Guga was the main person I watched on YouTube. I’ve learned much from watching his videos on smoked brisket and smoked steak! I have yet to get some of that delicious A5 Wagyu he’s always experimenting with, but I’ll get there one day!

Guga Foods and how he started his YouTube channel

Let’s learn about Guga, including his background, family, children, and the complete story. If you are a fan and follow all his favorite recipes, you would be interested to know more about his sizzler personality and personal life.

‘Guga’ from Guga Foods real name is Gustavo Tosta. He’s a Brazilian-trained chef turned YouTube star. His YouTube videos include meat cooking experiments, but he teaches many basic BBQ skills like reverse-seared steak and how to cook the most perfect ribeye steak.

Guga is from Minas Gerais, Uberaba in Brazil, and moved to the United States after he became a Brazilian trained Chef. He belongs to a small town that is quite famous for its beef. Interestingly, the city is known to hold events where the most expensive cows in Brazil get auctioned.

Guga moved to the USA for work, but it wasn’t easy initially. He had to spend hundreds of dollars on good food, affecting his monthly budget. Fast food wasn’t an option because Gustavo found it quite dull.

So what did he do? He bought sous vide to cook his favorite meal in his office. The first try was a disaster and a horrible nightmare. But that didn’t stop him from moving forward.

Unlike most of us, Gustavo bravely posted the video of the horrible try without worrying about the feedback. Instead, he took the criticism positively and tried the same technique with an expensive steak. This time his video was a success, which motivated him to experiment more.

There was no looking back after that successful steak episode.

Guga Foods YouTube Channel

So, in all honesty, I found this YouTube channel quite organized. The best thing is a video for both beginners and professional trainers.

There is a full-fledged list of videos that cover steaks. Then, chicken and BBQ recipes are dealt with separately. In the BBQ section, you will find different hacks and secrets to handling poultry, pork, and other types of meat.

Guga Foods Experiments

As per his content on his YouTube channel, Gustavo loves to experiment. Cooking new things excites him, which makes him very passionate about his work.

You will find some exciting and intriguing content if you google his most popular videos. For instance, the videos “Can dry age save a $1 steak?” and “Deep fried Wagyu steak experiment” reflect this man’s passion for trying new things for his audience. And in all honesty, that helps to increase the watch time of such videos.

Crazy content like Bitcoin Gold Burger and making candy out of everything attracts an audience from around the globe, and that’s one of the reasons behind Guga’s immense popularity.

Guga’s Favorite Culinary Experiment

Have you ever come across Guga’s video, “Will Pineapple Completely Disintegrate a Steak”? This video was uploaded two years ago and grabbed almost 2.7M views. According to the Chef himself, this experiment blew his mind, and it helped him learn a thing or two about the process of making tender meat.

Only recently, Gustavo also used butter to dry age a chicken. The experiment created a product that was only tender but also tasted incredibly beautiful. If you want to watch a video and enjoy this culinary adventure, here is the link for you.

Guga Foods Favorite Grills

Guga Foods uses a Camp Chef Woodwind as his pellet smoker. He also uses the CampChef Pro 60x two-burner stove for what he calls his ‘power stove.’

Guga Foods Meat

Guga Foods gets most of his meat from Amelio at Grand Western Steaks. At least, that’s who he has mentioned over and over in his YouTube videos anytime he gets one of those amazing Wagyu cuts of beef!

Guga Foods Kitchen Recommendations

Guga has an amazing and well-equipped kitchen with essentials such as bbq knives, a brisket knife for slicing, a flamethrower, a pellet smoker, a charcoal smoker, and sous vide machine. If you are one of the viewers, you would know that this man loves to play with flavors and find his sous vide machine quite convenient.

He also has a charcoal grill that he thinks is quite convenient than a gas grill. Moreover, according to the Chef himself, a flamethrower is a must-have for those who love bbq and have a backyard. This machine is a life-saver and can help you create the best crust in the world.

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Guga’s Inspiration

While Guga isn’t too vocal about his personal life, in a recent interview for a magazine, he talked about his cooking heroes. According to him, his aunt, who is also a trained cook, is his first inspiration. She used to cook for 1000 people every day, and that’s what inspired Guga to follow the same journey.

He also mentions that his grandmother’s culinary skills also inspired him to recreate and experiment with different spices, meats, and flavors.

These two people have helped create a passion for cooking in him, so he never takes a day off. Even when he is off from work, Guga cooks for his wife and children.

Guga has always been honest with sharing the best and authentic tips with his audience. But in a recent article, he shared some amazing steak tips that many people found quite helpful.

1 – Steak Thickness

According to the fearless You Tuber, the thickness of the steak has a vital role to play in the final product. For example, a steak without a minimum thickness of 1.5 inches won’t turn out delicious. This is because think steaks can easily overcook, but thick ones demand little guesswork and attention.

2 – Season to Achieve a Perfect Crust

The expert thinks a steak is nothing without a beautiful crust, so you need to make sure that you prepare a good seasoning to achieve an ideal crust. For that, he recommends blotting the steak using a towel. This step will help establish a perfect surface for a smooth crust.

While seasoning, make sure to apply the mix on the steak’s edges as well. The rule is to season each part so you have enough seasoning on the steak for the right taste, even if it gets lost.

3 – Herbs/Aromatics

Guga is a real advocate of herbs and spices. According to him, these elements enhance the aroma and ensure that each ingredient binds well with the meat. Things like garlic help increase the value and taste of a filet.

4 – Reverse Sear Method

For steaks, Guga recommends the reverse sear method. This technique involves a slow smoking process which is then followed by hot searing. Guga thinks this technique enhances your control over the meat’s internal temperature, which then helps to make the crust crispier and meat a lot more tender.

The Brazilian star believes that people often overcook their steaks and ruin the texture. As per the Chef, respect your taste and opinion while cooking this dish, and that’s how you will achieve a perfect steak.

If you have always been a fan of Guga Foods YouTube videos, we are sure that learning about the channel’s creator should have helped you respect his creations and experiments even more. But if you have no idea about this Brazilian Chef, we recommend you to check his YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram profiles and get amazed by his genius mind and excellent skills.

Moreover, if you are a newbie, there is no better person than Guga to learn all the basics of cooking, smoking, and preparing a wonderful BBQ. So, as a friendly gesture, we would like you to subscribe to his channel and enjoy the well-curated content that he uploads three times every week.Post navigation

Guga Foods FAQs

How Much Money Does Guga Foods Make?

The BIG question that everyone asks is how much money does Guga Foods earn from all of his YouTube videos? Based on Social Blade’s stats, Guga Foods earn anywhere from 300k – 800k USD per year from YouTube. On top of that, you should consider any paid sponsorships, affiliate product sales, and his new line of rubs. Other sources have claimed that his net worth is over 1 million dollars. However, net worth is hard to calculate as many other factors or investments could be calculated into his total net worth. It’s tough to identify how much money Guga Foods makes, but if he can afford to take the amount of Wagyu steaks he does, he’s not starving.

Does Guga Have Facebook And Instagram Pages For His Brand?

Yes, Guga has a Facebook page with 79,505 likes. Moreover, a separate Instagram profile of Sous Vide Everything has almost 20.7K followers. While YouTube takes the lead with the highest number of followers and views, the Instagram profile reflects the true personality of the Chef.

What Is Guga Merch?

Interestingly, after the fantastic success of the YouTube channel, the Brazilian Chef started his merch that includes unique t-shirts, hoodies, and even honey with the brand’s logo. Each item is reasonably priced and can be shipped to different countries worldwide.

Does Guga Have A Restaurant?

Yes, Guga has a restaurant in Bauru, Brazil, that serves the best monkfish, Bastilla, and pasteles. Guga Foods restaurant has an exotic ambiance that many visitors find worth their visit.

Is Guga Foods A Brazilian Chef?

Yes, Guga from the Guga Foods YouTube channel is a trained Brazilian Chef. He’s taken his unique talents in BBQ and created a worldwide audience for his YouTube Channel, Guga Foods.

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