What Goes With BBQ Chicken

Bbq Chicken

Are you planning to throw a big BBQ party and wondering what goes with BBQ chicken? If yes, you should be feeling excited and a little nervous too. You may be excited because you have finally got the chance to invite all your loved ones to your place and serve them with the best barbecue chicken.

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What Goes With BBQ Chicken

But are you nervous because you don’t know what delicious side dishes or drinks to make? From grilled corn to pasta salad and baked beans, there are various items that go well with any BBQ main dish, but since this is your first time, you might not know much about them.

Fret not, as we will help you prepare a grand barbecue feast. Read this article to know about the different sides, salads, and drinks you can serve your guests only to get all the wonderful praises in return.

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So What Goes With BBQ Chicken?

There are so many sides, salads, and drinks that you can serve with BBQ chicken. And interestingly, some options are so classic that they can help you give your guests a complete and fulfilling BBQ experience.

A BBQ chicken is incomplete without baked beans or creamy potato salad. But there is no harm in trying a delicious salad with a rich, creamy sauce or mashed potatoes with fresh herbs.

Salads that Go With BBQ Chicken

If you don’t want your guests to go overboard with heavy side dishes and ignore your well-cooked BBQ chicken, go for healthy salads as sides. Here are some interesting options to try.

Garden Salads

A green garden salad is one of the lightest sides you can serve with BBQ chicken. These salads include green tomatoes, steamed broccoli, bell peppers, and all your favorite vegetables mixed with a few drops of olive oil. Green salads can also have sweet corn and goat cheese for a delicious touch. These salads are so refreshing that you can have them as many times as you want without feeling guilty.

Ceaser Salad

You can also serve a bowl of easy-to-make Caesar salad. With the right amount of lettuce, shredded cheese, some crispy croutons, and a delicious dressing, Caesar salad will make an excellent side for your backyard bbq party. However, just make sure to allow the guests to add the dressing according to their preferences.

Fruit Salad

BBQ chicken can get too savory and spicy at times. However, when served with fresh strawberries, watermelon, and even slices of pineapple, there is no way you won’t have fun eating as many chicken pieces as you want. You can serve these fruits separately or mix them all to make a juicy fruit salad. Interestingly, you can also grill nectarines, peaches, and watermelon slices to attain a unique taste.

Quinoa Salad

This is a healthier version of rice that is packed with tons of useful nutrients. A quinoa salad has a crunchier consistency and contains quinoa, corn, basil, and mozzarella cheese. To make the salad more refreshing and tangy, you can sprinkle some lemon juice over the whole mix.


There is no better pair than a creamy coleslaw and a smoked BBQ chicken. The zesty flavor and the creaminess of this side perfectly balance the savory flavor of the chicken. In addition, this creamy delight doesn’t take long to make.

You only have to toss sliced cabbage, carrots, and onions in a bowl and simply mix them with a ranch dressing. But if you do not have time for any of that, get a packaged coleslaw from your favorite brand.

Vegetables that Go With BBQ Chicken

If you have invited fitness-freak guests to your BBQ party, it is always a great idea to be considerate and prepare vegetable sides to serve with BBQ chicken. In that case, here are a few options that you can consider.

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Grilled Broccoli

Broccoli is healthy and green. Plus, when grilled, it gets crunchier and much tastier. So, either serve it on its own or add baked sweet potatoes into the equation for a fulfilling chicken treat.

Grilled Peppers

Grilled green or red peppers also make a plain BBQ chicken delicious and healthy. Moreover, they are easy to grill or bake and do not even cost much if you are on a tight budget. The best way to prepare grilled peppers is by cutting them into cubes, sprinkling your favorite seasoning on them, and cooking them on a pre-heated grill before serving.

Corn on the Cob

How about serving barbecue chicken with everyone’s favorite smoked corn on the cob? Simply slather the corn with a pinch of salt, some butter, and present this classic side with your tender chicken. It is safe to say that this side dish is definitely a crowd-pleaser and also doesn’t take much of your effort.

BBQ Sides that Go With BBQ Chicken

If you want to woo your guests with your cooking skills, experiment a little and prepare some rich and flavorsome bbq sides. Below are some options that may make your family cookout day exceptionally memorable.

Smoked Mac & Cheese

We have yet to meet a person who doesn’t love some warm smoked mac and cheese. This mouth-watering side is so satisfying that many people consider it as the main highlight of backyard barbecues. The rich cheese perfectly complements the savory and smokey flavors of the chicken and makes this whole combination drool-worthy.

Smoked Chantilly Potatoes

If you want to give a unique twist to a boring potato salad or baked potatoes side, try the smoked chantilly potatoes. This dish simply requires cooking some tender potatoes and braising them in butter, cheese, and rich cream. You can also serve these potatoes with creamy coleslaw.

Smoked Baby Potatoes

A summer BBQ party is incomplete with a well-smoked chicken and a tray of freshly baked and smoked baby potatoes. You can also prepare bacon, baked beans, hard boiled eggs, or a light pasta salad to accompany these warm potatoes. Also, try smoked baked potatoes!

Fried Okra

Although less traditional, fried okra are bite-sized delights that go well with all kinds of grilled chicken. And most importantly, they are super easy to make. Simply dip okra in a cornmeal batter and then fry to get a golden-brown and crispy side dish.

We can assure you that all your guests will love these with their BBQ chicken. In addition, you can serve fried okra with everyone’s favorite barbecue sauce to add value to the whole dish.

White Rice

For your next BBQ, serve your guests some white rice with chicken and fill those empty tummies. One of the best things about this combination is that the starch in the rice absorbs all the smokiness of the chicken and ends up tasting quite delicious.

If you want to go for a healthier option, give brown rice a try. However, make sure that you have enough time as brown rice takes longer to cook and requires a minimum of 30 minutes in water before you start cooking it.

Drinks that Go With BBQ Chicken

If you are inviting your whole family over for a BBQ feast, you won’t send them away without serving the best drinks. The good thing about BBQ chicken is that it tastes fantastic with all kinds of wine, beer, and even some fizzy drinks. So, even if you don’t have enough time to prepare a special lemonade or a fruit drink, one of the drinks below will save your day.

White Wine

Grilled chicken goes well with white wine. It has a sharp, citrusy flavor that gives unique hints of aromatic florals.

White wine is quite similar to the taste of cut grass and stone fruits. Moreover, since this wine is crispy, all guests will love it with the smoky flavor of your BBQ chicken and creamy sides.

Light Beer

If you don’t want to serve wine, light beer will make a great substitute. This drink goes well with different sides, such as feta salad, baked potato, and even French fries. Moreover, chilled light beer with a warm barbecue dish under the summer sun will change the mood of your guests for good.

Desserts that Go With BBQ Chicken

You can’t bid your guests farewell without serving a heart-warming dessert. But what should you serve after your guests have eaten a wholesome BBQ meal?

Strawberry Shortcake

This dessert is an ideal after-summer BBQ treat. Loaded with biscuits, fresh strawberries, and whipped cream, there is no better option than this dessert to end a successful BBQ party.

Wrapping Up

Here’s hoping that the above article has helped you shortlist the best side dishes, drinks, and desserts that you would want to serve with your BBQ chicken. So, it is safe to say that even if it’s your first time hosting a BBQ treat, you will easily woo your guests with these exciting food options and your great cooking skills.

With that said, don’t forget to create an interesting ambiance for your guests so that they would love your food even more. Some music with decorations and a beautiful arrangement will make this party quite memorable.

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