Smoked Lobster

Smoked Lobster

If you are into seafood then there are chances that you might be in love with lobster meat. We have usually seen just two types of cooking methods of making the lobster and these two are either you steam the lobster or boil it.

But here we have made a twist for all you bbq lovers being a seafood lover and a bbq fanatic, we thought why not combine these both in one unique and tasty recipe. Smoked lobster is extremely tasty, isn’t it weird that something creepy can taste so good.

Many people hate putting the whole lobster alive in hot water and we do understand that it might feel like animal cruelty as many have heard them scream. To clear things up when you put the lobster in the boiling hot water, the sound you hear is just the steam getting out of the shell.

How to make smoked lobster

Well, making a smoked lobster isn’t anything fancy. It is really simple, just a few ingredients and a couple of steps, and your smoked lobster is ready to eat.

  • Prep Time: 30 minutes
  • Cook Time: 45 minutes
  • Total Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes
  • Cooking Temperature: 250ºF
  • Wood Flavor: Any type of wood chips
  • Servings: 6 people

Tools required

  1. Smoker
  2. wood chips
  3. Thermometer


  • 3 whole lobsters
  • salted butter
  • BBQ rub

Making Smoked Lobster

  1. Take a pot and put the whole lobster in it. Add water and boil it for almost 3 minutes, then boil the claws of the lobster for another 2 minutes.
  2. Now give it a cold bath just to stop the cooking process.
  3. Cut the lobster in half lengthwise and clean it from inside by removing the roe and tomalley.
  4. Wash it thoroughly, especially the cavity in it, and then dry it out. Use a paper towel to pat dry.
  5. Add your favorite bbq rub to the lobster.
  6. Get the smoker ready, heat it to 250 degrees F.
  7. Place the lobster in the smoker and smoke it till the lobster tail meat reaches the internal temperature of 140 degrees F.
  8. Once the mentioned temperature is achieved remove it from the smoker and serve.

BBQ Hero tips: It is really important to clean your smoker often, because the pellets in the smoker will not stop smoking as they fell in the smoker’s grill. in this case a samll vaccume can come in handy. Its is recommneded that you clean the grill of the smoker after using it three times.

Detailed Cooking Instructions

1) Boil the Lobster

You might be thinking that we are making a smoked lobster, but why are we boiling it? Well, that is because it evens the cooking time for the claws of the lobster. The claws of the lobster are hard and take time to cook, so that is why we boil them first.

If the lobster takes 3 minutes to boil, the claws of the lobster will take another extra 2 minutes. Now the question is how do you boil the claws, only, you will have to use a tong to hold the lobster. This procedure is a bit hard as it is not easy to handle lobster because the tail is really slippery and you will have to struggle a lot.

The easy way to do that is you just use the tail as a hook when the lobster is boiled its tail begins to curl and that could work as a handle. it absolutely okay if the head is a little bit in the water but make sure the tail is out of the water.

2) Cold bath

After the hot water, it’s time the lobster takes a dip in the ice-cold water. it is really important to give it this cold bath because this will stop it from cooking.

3) Cut the lobsters and clean them

Here comes the nasty part, it’s time to cut these boys in half take the lobster, and place it on a cutting board straight down the tail of the lobster and cut from the center of the tail. Lobster tails have a hard shell so it is recommended you use a sharp knife or kitchen shears.

once it is cut from the center you will see some nasty stuffy there these things are called the tomalley. it is a little unpleasant to see it’s more like changing the diaper of a baby. A paper towel can be a lot of help here just use them to wipe off all the icky stuff.

when you are done with the wiping you can now just rinse them in the cold water for maximum cleaning. clean the cavities really well that’s where all that gunk was. Now use a paper towel to pat dry the lobster.

4) Dust it with BBQ Rub

Now the lobster is all cleaned up it is time to dust it with some amazing bbq rub of your choice this part is optional if you like the lobster as it is you can simply skip this part. But if you are looking for a delicious smoked lobster feel free to add any of the bbq rubs you feel like.

5) Prepare the smoker

The lobsters are all set to get smoked so let’s get the smoker ready. Heat up the grill to 250 degrees F. and place the lobster on the smoker rack. add the wood chips of your desired flavor and smoke the lobster.

6) Smoke the lobster

Now that you have placed the lobster in the smoker and smoked it for as long as the smoked lobster tails reach the specific internal temperature which is 140 degrees F. This is the sign which will guide you that that lobster is ready.

At this stage, melt some butter and brush the lobsters with butter this will make the lobster taste even better. After brushing smoke lobster well until the tail is cooked well. If you are using the whole lobster make sure to use a probe thermometer and place that thermometer between the tail plates there you will get the idea of the exact temperature which you are looking forward to achieving.

and now your smoked lobster is ready, you can not attain this flavor by steaming or just boiling the lobster.

7) Serve and Enjoy

Once the lobsters are smoked well it’s time to carefully pull them out of the smoker and set them aside to rest the reason is if you serve them immediately after taking off from the smoker the lobsters will be rubbery and nobody likes their smoked lobster to be rubbery.

Smoked Lobster
Smoked Lobster

Smoked Lobster FAQs

What temperature do you smoke lobster?

You can preheat the smoker for 5 minutes or until it reaches 100 degrees F. till then you can prepare the lobster in a bowl by sprinkling some salt, pepper, and olive oil mix them well. and then set the temperature of the smoker to 250 degrees F and smoke the lobster on it.

What happens if you cook lobster for long?

Lobster gets rubbery and dry if cooked for a long time. The meat of the lobster is cooked when it reaches the 140 degrees F mark.

How to cut lobster’s tail?

You can easily do that by using kitchen shears or poultry scissors to cut the tail in a downwards direction which means staring from the thicker part of the tail to the end of the tail. just make sure you also cut the meat as well not just the tail.

Which side do you cut the lobster’s tail on?

If you grab the lobster tail in your hand you start cutting it from the upper hard shell.

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