The Best Grill Tongs

Best Grill Tongs

Discover the best grill tongs to enhance your barbecue experience. Our comprehensive guide compares top-rated options, considering their durability, design, and functionality, helping you choose the perfect grilling companion.

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Top-Tier Tongs: Supreme Picks for Grilling Glory

An essential tool for any grilling enthusiast, tongs are the extra-long fingers that let you safely flip, turn, and serve your favorite barbecue treats. They keep your hands at a safe distance from the fiery heat of the grill, all while giving you the control you need to handle your food with precision.

There are a variety of grill tongs available on the market, each with its unique set of features. From traditional tongs to scissor-style tongs, you’ll find options that suit different grilling needs and personal preferences. They come in various materials, lengths, and designs. Some even have unique features like built-in bottle openers, hanging hooks, or locks for easy storage.

When choosing the best grill tongs, we look beyond their ability to turn a perfectly seared steak or homemade sausage on the grill. We also consider their construction, ease of use, safety features, and, importantly, their durability under high heat and repeated use. In our quest to find the best grill tongs, we’ve considered all these factors and more.

Each of our choices stands out in their way, providing excellent performance and value. Let’s dive into our top picks and find the perfect pair of tongs to elevate your grilling experience.

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Quick Overview: The Best Grill Tongs

Best Overall Grill Tongs

OXO Good Grips 16″ Locking Tongs

Oxo Good Grips 16 Inch Locking Tongs

If you’re in search of the ideal tool for your grilling and kitchen needs, the OXO Good Grips 16″ Locking Tongs are worth a close look. Their versatile design makes them perfect for tossing salads, flipping meats, and even snagging stubborn pickles from jars. As a cornerstone of the OXO Good Grips line, they feature a brushed stainless steel construction that assures both durability and ease of cleaning.

During my experience using the tongs, I appreciated the soft, comfortable, non-slip grips and thumb rests. These ergonomic additions make handling the tongs a breeze, reducing the strain on your hands while providing an exceptional grip. This comfort is even more noticeable when dealing with larger cuts of meat that require a firm hold.

The scalloped edges are another standout feature, designed to securely hold food, whether it’s a delicate salad or a hefty steak. With these tongs, the risk of food slipping and falling onto your cooking surface is significantly reduced. The added bonus is that they lock closed for convenient storage, and a large loop makes for easy hanging.

Comparing the OXO Good Grips 16-inch tongs to other options on the market, they shine for their 16-inch stainless steel length that keeps your hands and arms at a safe distance from hot surfaces. This feature sets them apart from many competitors, which often fall short on length, putting users at risk of burns.

However, it’s not all perfect. One potential downside I noted of the OXO tongs was the locking mechanism. While it was easy to open with a quick press, it required a pulling motion to lock again. This action can be a bit of a hassle, especially when you’re in the middle of cooking.

What We Liked
  • Soft, comfortable, non-slip grips and thumb rests
  • Sturdy, brushed stainless steel construction
  • Scalloped edges for secure food handling
  • Convenient locking mechanism for storage
  • Length keeps hands at a safe distance from heat
What We Didn’t Like
  • Requires a pulling motion to lock to lock the tongs shut
  • Could be slightly tricky for those unfamiliar with the locking mechanism

All in all, the OXO Good Grips 16-inch Tongs stand tall as a reliable tool for any kitchen or grilling setup. They offer a blend of comfort and functionality that any home chef would appreciate, making them our top pick for “Best Overall” grill tongs.

Runner-Up Best Grill Tongs

GrillHogs Tongs 3-Size Set

Grillhogs Barbecue Grill Tongs

When it comes to barbecue essentials, the GrillHogs 3-Pack Barbecue Tongs Set pack quite a punch. Offering a set of three tongs in different sizes, this kit is geared to meet all your grilling needs. The 9” pair is perfect for handling smaller foods, the 12” for general use, and the hefty 16” is designed for extended reach and managing heavier items.

During our testing of these tongs, we found them highly versatile. Whether you’re flipping appetizers, tossing sausages, or lifting substantial racks of ribs, these tongs handle the job with ease. A unique feature is their construction, which blends 18/0 stainless steel with real oak wood, giving them a nostalgic look that sets them apart from the typical all-metal tongs.

The tongs incorporate torsion spring technology, which enhances their grip. We found this to be a key advantage, offering even pressure and a greater range of motion for a smoother handling experience. This was particularly noticeable when using the 16″ tongs, which had no issues managing heavier food items on the grill.

Compared to other barbecue tongs, the GrillHogs set stands out for its real wood elements and the versatility of having three different sizes in one kit. However, we did notice that the oak handles, while adding to the aesthetic appeal, may not be as heat-resistant as the silicone options.

Ideal for grill enthusiasts who value versatility and style, this set would be a great addition to any barbecue setup. The tongs’ design and performance make them a highly effective tool for a range of grilling tasks.

What We Liked
  • Set includes three different sizes for versatile use
  • Torsion spring technology ensures a secure grip
  • Aesthetically pleasing blend of stainless steel and oak
  • Smudge-proof satin finish and durable construction
What We Didn’t Like
  • Oak handles may not be as heat-resistant as other materials
  • Not dishwasher safe

Summing it up, the GrillHogs 3 Pack Barbecue Tongs offer excellent value. Their combination of nostalgic style, functionality, and versatility make them a solid investment for anyone who loves grilling. They are designed to last, featuring a smudge-proof satin finish, durable oak handles, a smooth locking mechanism, and an ergonomic design for easy grilling.

Best Luxury Grill Tongs

Traeger BBQ Tongs

Traeger Tongs

As grilling enthusiasts, we understand the importance of top-tier tools, and the Traeger BBQ Tongs make a shining mark as our choice for “Best Luxury Grill Tongs.” With its thoughtful design and robust construction, this product offers an excellent blend of form and function.

Our time using the Traeger tongs was an overall delightful experience. They’re made of durable stainless steel with a strong teak wood handle that adds a touch of class.

Compared to other grill tongs, the Traeger tongs excel in both durability and design. They look more upscale thanks to the rosewood accents and signature mountain logo, and the quality is evident in their heavy-duty construction. However, it’s worth noting that they do require a bit more hand strength to operate than some other options.

We believe these tongs would be a perfect fit for serious grillers who appreciate both quality and style. The addition of a locking mechanism for easy storage and a durable leather loop for hanging further adds to their functionality.

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What We Liked
  • High-quality stainless steel construction with teak wood handle
  • Dual perforation design offers flexibility in gripping different types of food
  • Attractive design with rosewood accents and signature logo
What We Didn’t Like
  • Requires stronger hand strength to operate than some alternatives
  • Not dishwasher safe; requires hand washing

The Traeger Pellet Grills BBQ Tongs are a prime example of luxury grilling tools done right. With their premium design and durable construction, they’re well worth considering for those who take their grilling seriously. They offer a strong grip, flexibility, and an appealing aesthetic that sets them apart.

Most Affordable Grill Tongs

Cuisinart Locking Grill Tongs

Cuisinart Locking Grill Tongs

Stepping up to the grill with the Cuisinart Locking Grill Tongs in hand, you’re ready for a no-nonsense grilling experience. These tongs are built for comfort and simplicity, designed with the everyday griller in mind.

Sporting a 16-inch length, they’re all about safety, keeping your hands at a comfortable distance from the heat. They’re lightweight and easy to manage, and the silicone grips give you solid control when you’re flipping burgers or moving veggies around the grill.

During our time with the Cuisinart tongs, we found that the silicone grips were not only comfortable but also added extra grip. They were strong enough to handle the big stuff, like steaks and corn on the cob, but also delicate enough for flipping shrimp or asparagus.

When compared to others on the market, the Cuisinart tongs stand out because of their affordability and practical design. The sturdy brushed stainless steel construction promises longevity, while the easy locking mechanism adds convenience for storage. These 16 inch stainless steel locking tongs also feature a grill hanging loop, making them accessible for when those burgers need a quick flip.

What We Liked
  • Comfortable silicone grips
  • Long 16-inch length for safety
  • Scalloped edge for easy handling of food
What We Didn’t Like
  • Small tong head

At the end of the day, the Cuisinart Locking Grill Tongs are an excellent choice for both new grillers and seasoned pitmasters looking for a dependable, cost-effective tool. They combine comfort, convenience, and practicality into a package that’s hard to beat, especially at their price point. Offering solid performance and value, these tongs will make a fantastic addition to any grilling toolbox.

Best Silicone Tip Tongs

Tovolo Tip Top Tongs

Tovolo Tip Top Tongs

The Tovolo Tip Top Tongs are a handy tool to have around whether you’re grilling on a sunny afternoon or cooking up a feast in the kitchen. As the best silicone tip tongs on our list, these offer a delicate yet firm grip, allowing you to handle your food with the utmost care. The silicone tips are durable, stain-resistant, and safe for your pans, making them a reliable choice for your nonstick cookware or cast iron pans.

When we used these tongs, we were impressed by their unique features. The pull ring mechanism made it easy to lock and unlock the tongs. This feature made them compact for storage, and they were ready to use in no time at all. We were also fans of the built-in resting foot, a smart design that keeps the tong tips elevated and prevents messes on your kitchen counters or grills.

Compared to metal tongs, the Tovolo Tip Top Tongs are gentler on surfaces, meaning your pans and grills will thank you. Heat-resistant up to 600 degrees, they’re up for just about any cooking task. From pasta to steak to salad, these tongs can handle it all.

However, we did notice a few potential drawbacks. The tongs are 13 inches long, which might feel a bit short if you’re used to longer tongs or have a large grill. Still, they’re well-suited for smaller grills and stovetop cooking. They are also available in various fun colors, which adds a splash of brightness to your cooking experience

What We Liked
  • Durable silicone tips that won’t scratch surfaces
  • Easy locking mechanism for convenient storage
  • Resting foot to keep counters and grills clean
What We Didn’t Like
  • Shorter length may not be ideal for larger grills
  • Requires manual pulling to lock

To sum up, the Tovolo Tip Top Tongs deliver great performance and convenience in a compact and colorful package. They’re perfect for those who appreciate tools that are gentle on their cookware and love a clean kitchen or grill. With their durable design and easy-to-use features, they offer excellent value for the price.

Best Grill Tong Set

Weber Original 2-Piece Stainless Steel Tool Set

Weber Tool Set

The Weber Original 2-Piece Stainless Steel Tool Set is a grill enthusiast’s best friend. As the top grill tong set on our list, it includes a spatula and locking tongs, everything you need to master your grilling endeavors. Whether you’re flipping burgers or turning a piece of juicy salmon, this tool set won’t let you down.

Our hands-on experience with this set was top-notch. The compact size is perfect for diverse grilling scenarios, whether you’re camping in the woods, picnicking in the park, or grilling on an urban balcony. The soft-touch handle on both the Weber tongs and spatula offers a comfortable, non-slip grip, which made handling and grilling food a breeze.

Compared to other tool sets, this Weber duo stands out for its balance of compactness and functionality. They’re made of stainless steel which not only guarantees durability but also makes cleaning super easy as they are dishwasher safe.

Despite its many benefits, we found a couple of potential downsides. The compact size might make it too short for some grilling tasks, especially on larger grills or when dealing with bigger cuts of meat. Also, while the thin spatula is great for thinner foods, it might not be the best fit for heavier items like a thick, juicy steak.

What We Liked
  • Compact and portable, perfect for various outdoor settings
  • Soft-touch handle for a comfortable, non-slip grip
  • Made of durable stainless steel and dishwasher safe
What We Didn’t Like
  • Might be too short for some grilling tasks
  • Thin spatula might not be suitable for heavier foods

In conclusion, the Weber Original 2-Piece Stainless Steel Tool Set is a smart pick for those seeking quality and convenience. It delivers excellent performance and is easy to use and clean, making it a valuable addition to any grilling enthusiast’s toolkit. Its compact size makes it a great choice for those who enjoy grilling in different settings. Despite its minor shortcomings, it offers great value and is a trustworthy companion for all your grilling needs.

In Review – Our Picks For The Best Grilling Tongs

  • Best Overall: OXO Good Grips 16″ Locking Tongs
    “impressive control and versatility, their sturdy construction and long reach make grilling safer and more enjoyable”
  • Runner-Up: GrillHogs Tongs 3-Size Set
    “blending stainless steel with real oak wood to give them a nostalgic look that sets them apart from the typical all-metal tongs”
  • Best Luxury: Traeger BBQ Tongs
    “rosewood accents and signature mountain logo, the quality is evident in their heavy-duty construction”
  • Most Affordable: Cuisinart Locking Grill Tongs
    “Crafted for comfort and durability, their robust stainless-steel construction and simple locking mechanism make grilling a breeze”
  • Best Silicone Tip TongsTovolo Tip Top Tongs
    “Bringing vibrant color and functionality to the grilling experience, their thoughtful design keeps your counters clean and elevate your grilling game”
  • Best Set: Weber Original 2-Piece Stainless Steel Tool Set
    “comfortable, non-slip grip and compact size, this set offers the perfect balance of functionality and convenience”

What Makes A Good Pair of Tongs?

When you’re firing up your favorite gas grill or charcoal grill, the right grill tools can make all the difference. A good pair of grill tongs can be your best friend, turning, flipping, and moving your food with ease. But what should you look for in your favorite grill tongs?

We’ve tested grill tongs of all kinds and have decided that these are the most important features to look for.


Good grill tongs should have enough length to keep you at a safe distance from the hot grill grate and sizzling coals. Longer tongs allow you to reach across the grill without singeing your hands or arms. While there’s no one-size-fits-all length, most grilling enthusiasts find that tongs between 12 to 16 inches offer the right balance of reach and control.


While you might be tempted to go for lightweight plastic tongs, the best tongs for grilling are often those with solid stainless steel construction. Sturdy tongs feel balanced in your hand and make it easy to turn even heavy cuts of meat like smoked brisket. Look for heavy-duty tongs that are comfortable to hold, easy to manipulate, and robust enough to withstand the heat of your grill.

Handle Material

The handle is another critical consideration. While some people prefer the traditional feel of wooden handles, others look for the comfort and durability of a soft rubber grip or the sleek look of full stainless steel tongs. Whether you opt for a wooden or silicone grip, ensure your tongs have non-slip grips so they won’t slide out of your hand while you’re flipping meat.

Tip Material

The tips of your tongs can affect both their functionality and the lifespan of your grill grates. While metal tongs are very common, their metal tips and hard edges could scratch certain grill surfaces. Silicone tongs, on the other hand, are gentle on all cooking surfaces but still provide a good grip on food.

Locking Mechanism

A quality pair of locking grill tongs can be a real game-changer. This feature allows the tongs to be locked in a closed position when not in use, making storage a breeze. It also helps keep the tongs compact and manageable when grilling.

Special Features

Beyond the basics, some tongs come with extra features that make them even more useful. These can include a hanging hook or storage ring for easy access, scalloped pincers or edges for a better grip on food, and vented tips to drain off excess oils. Some tongs even come with a built-in bottle opener or a flashlight for those late-night grilling sessions. And don’t forget, dishwasher-safe tongs will save you a lot of time when it comes to cleaning!

Types of BBQ Tongs

The variety in BBQ tongs is vast, with each type possessing unique features that cater to different grilling styles and requirements. The two primary styles that tend to be the most popular among grilling enthusiasts are traditional grill tongs and scissor tongs.

Traditional Grill Tongs

Traditional grill tongs are usually the go-to for many grill masters. These highly-rated grill tongs have a classic design that is easy to use, offering you the control and precision you need when handling various types of food on the grill.

A key aspect to note is their heat resistance, an essential feature that allows you to flip meat over hot coals without the risk of burning your hands. Some traditional tongs also come with a flat head design, which can be especially useful for sliding under food that might stick to the grill.

The mechanics of traditional tongs are simple and user-friendly. They operate with a spring tension, which gives you control over the pressure you apply when picking up or turning food. This makes them versatile for a range of food, from delicate vegetables to hefty steaks.

Scissor Tongs

Scissor tongs, on the other hand, have a design that resembles a pair of scissors. The standout feature of these tongs is that they often require less pressure to operate compared to traditional ones, which can be a significant advantage when dealing with tender or delicate foods. This type of tong is known for its firm grip and heavy-duty design, which is perfect for handling larger chunks of meat or vegetables.

The unique structure of scissor tongs, specifically the pivot point, allows you to apply precise and gentle pressure when needed. This makes them an excellent choice for handling delicate meats and fish that might fall apart under too much pressure. Some scissor tongs even come with a large flat side, doubling up as a spatula, adding to their versatility.

In the end, both traditional and scissor tongs have their merits and can be valuable additions to your grilling toolkit. The choice depends on your specific needs and preferences when grilling.

Grilling Tongs FAQs

Are silicone tongs OK for BBQ?

Yes, silicone tongs are okay for BBQ. They are heat-resistant and do not scratch your grill surface. Just ensure they are certified for high temperatures to avoid melting or degrading over high heat.

Can you use rubber tongs on a grill?

It’s not recommended to use rubber tongs on a grill. Rubber may melt or emit harmful fumes when exposed to high temperatures found in grilling. Opt for silicone or metal tongs instead.

Should you switch tongs when grilling chicken?

Yes, you should switch tongs when grilling chicken. This is to prevent cross-contamination between raw and cooked food, which could lead to foodborne illnesses. Use one set of tongs for raw chicken and another for when the chicken is fully cooked.

Are nylon or silicone tongs better?

Silicone tongs are generally considered better than nylon for grilling due to their superior heat resistance. While both materials are heat-resistant, silicone can withstand higher temperatures, making it more suitable for grilling tasks.

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