The Best Camping Grills

Do you want to make your next camping adventure memorable? If so, it’s time to get your hands on a camping grill! Camping grills are portable grills designed specifically for camping, allowing you to enjoy a hot meal even in frigid temperatures.

The Best Camping Grills
The Best Camping Grills

The Best Camping Grills

For many people, camping is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s an opportunity to spend time in nature, disconnect from technology, and bond with family and friends. One of the best parts of camping is enjoying a hot meal outdoors, especially when the temperatures start to cool down in the evening.

However, cooking a meal over a campfire can be challenging, which is why having a portable camping grill is essential. The best camping grills are compact and easy to use so you can enjoy a hot meal no matter where you are. With a portable camping grill, there’s no need to worry about building a fire or wondering when your tin-foil meal is ready. Instead, you can simply focus on enjoying your time in the great outdoors.

With so many options on the market, it can be tough to know where to start. We hope this article will help you choose the best camping grill for your next trip. The list below covers the best portable grills with different fuel types and BTUs. We hope you will find a match before the weekend arrives.

Quick Overview of The Best Portable Grills For Camping

BlackStone 22 Inch Griddle [Editors Pick]

BlackStone 22 Inch Griddle
BlackStone 22 Inch Griddle
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The BlackStone 22 Inch Griddle is our favourite portable grill because of the versatile griddle top. Unlike a traditional grill, a griddle has a solid surface so you can use one for various meals. Whether you’re cooking eggs and pancakes for breakfast or burgers and mixed vegetables for dinner, this tabletop propane grill will deliver.

This tabletop griddle is much more user-friendly than a portable charcoal grill because of its two independently controlled H-style burners that produce 24,000 BTUs of combined heat across the grilling surface. Having different heat zones is beneficial for cooking different foods at the same time, each at its own temperature.

A large cooking surface of 339 square inches is more than enough space to cook for a family or small group comfortably. Plus, with push-button ignition, you won’t have to worry about carrying around matches or packing a BBQ lighter.

The integrated grease management system makes for an easy clean-up, perfect for back-country cooking. Plus, this griddle has height-adjustable rubber legs for stability on even the rockiest of terrains.


  • Griddle with solid surface
  • Sufficient cooking area
  • Powerful output
  • Reduces flareups
  • Comes with control knobs


  • No lid
  • No carrying case or handle

Napoleon TravelQ 285 Portable Gas BBQ Grill [Best Overall]

Napoleon TravelQ 285 Portable Gas BBQ Grill
Napoleon TravelQ 285 Portable Gas BBQ Grill
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The Napoleon TravelQ Portable Gas Grill is a great grill for car camping, tailgating, and adventuring. The two independent stainless steel tube burners produce a combined output of 12,000 BTUs across 285 square inches of cooking space, large enough to grill 18 burgers at once! The cooking grates are made of cast iron, providing an even heat distribution and beautiful sear marks when you’re searing steaks.

With an additional cast iron griddle to replace one of the grates, you’ll have the opportunity to grill up pancakes or delicious side dishes with ease. The foldable legs make this grill usable almost anywhere, giving it the height you need while grilling. We also love the instant ignition and temperature gauge that make the entire grilling experience simple and painless.


  • No assembly needed
  • Two independent burners
  • Windproof cast-aluminum lid


  • Heavier than most portable camping grills

Coleman Fold N Go Propane Grill [Best Small Budget]

Coleman Fold N Go Propane Grill
Coleman Fold N Go Propane Grill
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Coleman is a well-known brand that sells some of the best portable camping grills, and the Fold N Go Propane Grill is no exception. If your campsite requires a long walk from your parking space, you need a grill that you can easily carry to your destination. This lightweight, extremely portable propane grill with a built-in handle is exactly that!

This budget-friendly grill features one horseshoe-shaped burner that produces 6,000 BTUs of heat across 105 square inches of cooking space. The unique PerfectFlow technology keeps the heat steady even in the harshest of conditions. It also comes with removable grease trays to keep the entire system clean and efficient.

The Coleman Fold N Go grill is the best camping grill for beginners who don’t have much experience grilling on camping trips. With its simple operating mechanism, you won’t face any unnecessary hindrances.


  • Produces consistent heat
  • Affordable
  • Washable
  • Easy to operate
  • Very lightweight


  • Need a BBQ lighter or match to ignite
  • Removable parts are sharp
  • Unreliable latch

NOMADIQ Portable Propane Gas Grill [Best Luxury]

NOMADIQ Portable Propane Gas Grill
NOMADIQ Portable Propane Gas Grill
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The Nomadiq Portable Propane Gas Grill is a small gas grill with a compact design, perfect for bringing along on your next camping trip. Weighing only 12 lbs. you will have no trouble walking long distances to your campsite with this grill.

The cooking area on this portable grill measures 226 square inches across two ceramic-coated grill grates, perfect for a small group. The grill grate is rust-resistant and easily removed for an effortless clean-up in your camping sink. The body of this portable grill is made of heavy steel and powder coated for durability.

With two stainless steel burners, this grill can produce a grand total of 10,000 BTUs. Both burners operate independently, allowing you to cook different foods at different temperatures at the same time.

This grill is built to withstand all the external elements and outdoor experiences that most cheap grills fail to achieve. It includes two drip trays, a gas hose/regulator, and a carrying strap for easy transport.


  • Lightweight grill
  • Non-stick grates
  • Two independent burners


  • No temperature gauge

Cuisinart Venture Gas Grill [Best for Beginners]

Cuisinart Venture Gas Grill
Cuisinart Venture Gas Grill
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The Cuisinart Venture Gas Grill is one of the best camping grills for beginners because of its small size, user-friendly cooking system, and amazing portability. This lightweight grill has a unique “stack ‘n go design” which gives you the comfort to use this unit anywhere, from car camping, beach days, or last-minute camping trips. You’ll be able to take this unit anywhere you want without any burden.

The cooking space measures 154 square inches across a beautiful porcelain-enamelled cast iron cooking grate. Cast iron cooking grates are known for their excellent heat distribution, durability and performance. There is one stainless steel burner that produces a whopping 9,000 BTUs, allowing it to reach peak temperature quickly. Plus, the twist-to-start electric ignition gives you full control over temperature and is easy to use.

The thoughtful design of this Venture gas grill makes it perfect for people who love travelling and need a compact grill with all the perks. The stacking design allows the propane cylinder to be placed in the bottom component, out of the way from the rest of your cook station. The top piece is a handy cutting board that fits snuggly to save more space. The entire unit is complete with a large carrying handle, making it easy to transport.


  • Extreme portability
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Twist-start ignition
  • Cutting board lid
  • High heat capacity


  • No temperature gauge

The Verdict

We hope this overview helps you pick the best portable camping grills for you and your family. Here’s a quick recap.

Things to consider when buying a Camping Grill

Before you make your decision, you must consider a few important factors such as what fuel type it runs on, how much cooking space it has, how many burners, and how many BTUs. Added features that are important for your personal needs are also worth considering.

Let’s get into it.

Fuel Type

The first big decision to make is what type of fuel you like working with. In terms of camping grills, gas grills are the most popular because of their ease of use. However, if you love the smokey flavour you get from charcoal grills, a portable charcoal grill might be more up your alley. If that’s the case, you might want to check out our guide on The Best Small Charcoal Grills.

If you like the user-friendliness of gas grills, then propane gas will be your fuel of choice. Most portable gas grills operate on small propane cylinders that will need to be replaced and recycled frequently. You will also need to remember to pack these cylinders on your camping trip or else your grill will be virtually useless.

Some propane grills offer refillable gas cartridges, especially those made by Coleman. This type of fuel is called white gas, white fuel or “Coleman fuel” and goes by the generic name of petroleum naphtha. This type of gas typically lasts longer and can be easily refilled without having dispose of cartridges.

Ignition and Temperature Control

In terms of ignition, you’ll either have push-button ignition or a system that requires a match or BBQ lighter to ignite. Obviously, push-button ignition is the most convenient because you don’t have to worry about running out of matches. However, there is the possibility that your push-button ignition could break or stop working suddenly and you must be prepared for this situation.

When speaking of temperature control, the best portable grill will have an easy-to-control temperature gauge, letting you reach your ideal temperature without much thought. Choosing a portable grill with a lid will also factor into temperature control, especially when you get into cooler outdoor temperatures.


We can’t stress the importance of portability enough when searching for the best camping grills. When you go camping, chances are you’ll have to walk varying distances to your campsites, sometimes carrying many things at once. The last thing you want is a heavy grill that takes multiple people to maneuver. Lightweight grills are imperative to a seamless camping experience.

Similarly, consider units with a carrying case or heavy-duty handles that make them convenient to carry. Foldable grills are an excellent investment as well because they will fit in your vehicle or tent easily.


The last thing you want to do when you arrive at your campsite is spending hours setting up your grill for dinner. To save your precious time, choose a grill that either comes pre-assembled or has a very quick assembly process. A grill with many parts is also not feasible for a camping adventure.

Drip Tray

Drip Trays are essential for keeping grease in one place, making clean-up a breeze. A fast and efficient clean-up process is a must when camping, especially if you don’t have access to running water. Easily removable drip trays are a blessing and definitely a feature to be on the lookout for.

Furthermore, an angled grease tray is a huge bonus, especially for griddle tops. The angle allows the grease to drip quickly and efficiently into a localized catchment area, allowing you to dispose of it easily.


A camping grill that is versatile enough to cook many different camping meals is a plus. The Napoleon TravelQ Portable Gas Grill is a great option because of the griddle insert it comes with, allowing you to switch from grilling burgers to cooking eggs and pancakes in a quick motion.

These additions help you experiment with your cooking ideas during camping and support you in creating new dishes for your fellow campers.

Price and Brand

Finally, choose a grill from a brand with a good reputation and excellent customer reviews. A brand that offers great service and support should always be your priority.

While choosing the brand, also consider the price of your camping grill. The best approach is to prepare a budget plan for your camping trip and include the amount you want to spend on a grill. Then, with an exact value in your mind, you can easily shortlist some products which will help you spend wisely.

BBQ Hero Tip: Prepare your meals ahead of time to save time. The best camping meals are the ones that are easiest to make. Prepare your marinade, seasonings, and side dishes before you head out.

Features to consider when choosing a Camping Grill

There are a few more features to consider while searching for the best portable grill for camping.

Construction Materials

Since the intended use of this grill is cooking while camping, it’s important to ensure that the construction materials are durable and able to withstand sunny days as well as bad weather. You’ll want to find a grill made of a good-quality material that won’t chip or rust unnecessarily.

Whether it’s a charcoal grill or a gas grill, the material of the body and grill grates play a great role in its performance. Usually, stainless steel grills with an aluminum lid and porcelain-enamelled grates get the job done right.

You will also come across the option of a chrome-plated cooking grate or stainless steel grates. Stainless steel grates are typically usually rust-resistant and easy to clean.


We mentioned earlier the importance of portability when it comes to bringing a grill on your camping adventures. Another important factor in this regard is the grill grate dimensions. If you plan on doing large camping adventures with all of your friends using this grill as the main food source, it would be a good idea to invest in a grill with a large grilling surface.


Most portable grills are designed to be placed on a table for the perfect cooking height. However, if your campsite does not come equipped with a table, you will need to find a mounting solution. If you do a lot of back-country camping, it would be worthwhile to choose a grill with mounting legs included.


When you make a big purchase like this one, it’s important to consider what kind of warranty you’re protected by. Sometimes things go wrong and you have no control over the outcome. There may be faulty parts, or maybe you’re just not happy with your decision. This is where a warranty comes in handy. Also, when a company offers a free lifetime warranty you know it’s a good product that the company trusts will do its job.

Safety Tips for Camping Grills

Portable grills of any kind should be handled with care and caution, especially small grills that you’ll be bringing on camping trips. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when handling your new camping grill.

Set Up In A Safe Space

If you have a propane grill, you must pay attention to the location in which you set it up because of the simple fact that propane is very flammable. Do not place your propane grill near a fire pit or in a high-traffic area where it might get knocked over.

Never Leave Unattended

If you’re the camp chef in charge of grilling food, it’s important that you don’t leave the grill unattended under any circumstances. Grilling while camping introduces all kinds of unexpected situations that may prove dangerous to an unattended grill.

Keep a Fire Extinguisher Nearby

A fire extinguisher is an essential piece of equipment that should always be within reach while cooking outdoors.

BBQ Hero Tip: Check your propane before you leave on your camping expedition. There is nothing worse than setting up your campsite, pulling out your grill, and noticing that your propane cylinder is empty.

Camping Grill FAQs

What is the easiest camping meal?

If you’re looking for a very basic camping meal, we recommend grilling hot dogs, burgers, or steaks. These easy meals require minimal effort, giving you more time to spend with your friends and family.

How do you clean a grill while camping?

The easiest way to clean your camping grill is to pack a basin to fill with water, dish soap, and a scrubbing brush. Most camping grills will have removable grill grates that you can soak in your soapy water basin while you wipe down the rest of the grilling surface. Scrub the grill grates clean and that’s it!

Is it safe to grill outdoors in the rain?

As long as it isn’t a downpour, yes, it is safe to grill in the rain. Be sure to cover your food with the grill lid of aluminum foil to protect your food from getting wet.