The Best BBQ Temperature Controllers 

Partyq Bbq Temperature Controller

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BBQ temperature controllers are a must-have for any BBQ lover! These handy tools help control the airflow in your smoker to keep a steady temperature. They’re perfect for slow cooking because you can set your ideal temperature and let the controller do the work for you.

Best BBQ Temperature Controllers

Temperature controllers regulate the airflow inside BBQs and smokers. They help to maintain a consistent temperature inside the grill!

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These controllers work by adjusting the flow of air into the BBQ or smoker. More oxygen means a hotter grill. This can be especially helpful when slow cooking and slow smoking! You can set the desired temperature and let the controller do the rest. smeo

BBQ temperature controllers can also help to reduce the amount of fuel that you consume! This will save you money and make your cooking process more efficient. Talk about a win-win! These controllers are an essential tool for anyone who owns a BBQ or smoker.

So, what are your choices among the best BBQ controllers today? We’ve created a list of the best BBQ temperature controllers available on the market. We’ve highlighted their best features so you can make the best decision on your next buy.

Our Picks: The Best BBQ Temperature Controllers

  1. BBQ Guru DigiQ BBQ Temperature Controller [Best Performance]
  2. Flame Boss 400-WiFi Smoker Controller [Best Runner Up]
  3. SMOBOT Wi-Fi Kamado Grill and Smoker Temperature Controller [Best For Professionals]
  4. BBQ Guru CyberQ BBQ Temperature Controller [Best For Convenience]
  5. Pitmaster IQ120 BBQ Temperature Regulator Kit [Best For Beginners]
  6. PartyQ BBQ Temperature Controller [Best Budget Friendly]
/Best Performance/

DigiQ BBQ Temperature Controller

Digiq Bbq Temperature Controller

The BBQ Guru DigiQ BBQ Temperature Controller is a classic model loved by most pitmasters. It’s easy to use and performs very well. This is a simple, classic model for seasoned experts and newbies. It doesn’t come with an app like new high-end models. However, it does have complete automatic temperature control.

There are two probes; one for measuring the pit temperature and the other that works the same as meat probes do. Installing it is easy and it works well with most smokers. The Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Weber, and Ceramic Grills will all work with this temperature controller.

The control box has labeled buttons and the Pit Viper fan makes it the number one choice for most pitmasters. What’s extra cool is that it has a lid sensor that turns the fan off when you open the grill lid! This protects your smoker controllers from working overtime due to sudden temperature drops.

/Best Runner Up/

Flame Boss 400 Wi-Fi Smoker Controller

Flame Boss 400 Wi-Fi Smoker Controller

The Flame Boss Automatic BBQ Temperature Controllers are easy to use and packed with the latest tech. Everything can be viewed on your phone no matter where you are as long as you have Wi-Fi.

There are two versions of these automatic temperature controllers. Choose the right one depending on the type of grill or smoker you have.

Flame Boss 400 Wi-Fi Smoker Controller. This unit is compatible with steel drum smokers, barrel smokers, cabinet smokers, and offset-style smokers from brands like Weber, Smokey Mountain, Chargriller, and Char-Broil.

Flame Boss 500 Wi-Fi Smoker Controller. This unit is compatible with all Kamado-style charcoal grills and smokers

It comes with both meat temperature probes and a pit probe. You can check the food and pit temperature readings on a digital display anytime you want!

Plus, installing these smoker temperature controllers is easy. Anyone new to BBQ smoker devices and controllers won’t have trouble setting it up.

You can set alarms, get text notifications and track progress via graphs. If you’re an organized and visual person, you’ll love this device!

/Best For Professionals/

SMOBOT Wi-Fi Temperature Controller

Smobot Wi-Fi Temperature Controller

The SMOBOT Wi-Fi Kamado Grill and Smoker Temperature Controller is a robotic damper system that attaches to the top vent of most ceramic smokers. Ceramic smokers like the Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, and Primo Ceramic Grills will all work with this device!

You might be surprised that this unit does not come with a blower. Instead, it controls the temperature by changing the airflow from the air vents.

Sit back, relax, and watch the temperature from your phone on the local cloud-based service called mySmobot. The mobile app that acts as a central control system. This app gives you access to tons of features and alerts while keeping a steady temperature.

/Best For Convenience/

BBQ Guru CyberQ BBQ Temperature Controller

Bbq Guru Cyberq Bbq Temperature Controller

The CyberQ BBQ Temperature controller is all about convenience. Stay connected via WiFi for complete control. You can keep an eye on the grill and food temperature from anywhere!

This is a great temperature controller that works with your smoker’s settings. It will stabilize the temperature based on how fast or slow you want to smoke your food.

It has a multi-probe thermometer system with four probes in total. One probe is for tracking the temperature of the smoker. The other three are for keeping an eye on meat temperatures.

The probe uses an alligator clip to attach to the inside of the grill and tells you the actual temperature. This reading goes to the control unit, which adjusts the heat to keep it steady.

This temperature probe can handle heat up to 500° F and the wire sheath protects against breakage.

/Best For Beginners/

Pitmaster BBQ Temperature Regulator Kit

Pitmaster Bbq Temperature Regulator Kit

The Pitmaster IQ120 BBQ Temperature Regulator Kit is an easy-to-use unit and one of the best temperature controllers for beginners. The controller is automatic and it has a built-in fan that controls the airflow and corrects temperature swings.

It has two temperature probes and you can regulate temperatures between 150F and 400F.

It works with any cooker that has a flat or rounded surface with a damper less than 5″ in diameter. Since the purpose of this design is the ease of use, there are no extra buttons for adjusting the time, temperature, or modes.

Another great thing about the unit is its small size. You can use a 12V power cord to cook while camping or even while tailgating!

/Best Budget Friendly/

PartyQ BBQ Temperature Controller

Partyq Bbq Temperature Controller

The PartyQ temperature controller is small and lightweight (on the pocket, too!) yet a powerful temperature controller. The controller works well with most ceramic smokers and is easy to operate.

The unit runs on batteries, so even though it is completely wireless and portable, it will not last forever. Before you start a long and slow cooking process, make sure your batteries are charged! If you’re new to BBQs, this simple design is a great place to start.

Our Results for the Best BBQ Temperature Controllers 

So there you have it! Our top picks for temperature controllers. Each model included in our list has unique pros and cons for each unique customer. Whether you want to stay connected via Wi-Fi or find an easy way to keep a steady temperature, a BBQ temperature controller can help!

Here’s an overview of the BBQ temperature controllers we’ve gone over.

  1. BBQ Guru DigiQ BBQ Temperature Controller [Best Performance]
    “number one choice for most pitmasters”
  2. Flame Boss 400-WiFi Smoker Controller [Best Runner Up]
    “easy to read and accurate temperature readings”
  3. SMOBOT Wi-Fi Kamado Grill and Smoker Temperature Controller [Best For Professionals]
    “robotic damper system attaches to the top vent of most ceramic smokers”
  4. BBQ Guru CyberQ BBQ Temperature Controller [Best For Convenience]
    “connected via WiFi for complete control”
  5. Pitmaster IQ120 BBQ Temperature Regulator Kit [Best For Beginners]
    “automatic controller with a built-in fan that corrects temperature swings”
  6. PartyQ BBQ Temperature Controller [Best Budget Friendly]
    “small and lightweight (on the pocket, too!)”

Things To Consider When Buying BBQ Temperature Controllers

Buying the temperature controller for your smoker may seem easy. But without a bit of knowledge or research, you could be stuck with the wrong unit for your needs.

We don’t want a useless unit that isn’t compatible or doesn’t work the way we want it to, right? So here are some of the factors you should consider before you bring one home.


Always check the specs and compatibility before adding a unit to your cart. This should be the first thing you check since it’s usually the main issue customers face.

Not all temperature controllers are compatible with all smokers. Some are for ceramic grills while others are for steel offset smokers. Read the description and the reviews before making your final decision.


The temperature controller gets exposed to a lot of heat and spills.

To handle these harsh conditions, you need a device made of high-quality materials. Look for spill resistance, water resistance, damage-proof body, etc.

Number of Probes

You’ll want to have a different meat probe for every different type of meat on the grill. This way you can get a true reading of everything at once. Unless you’re grilling for huge groups, you will only need 1-2 meat probes on hand.

The second type of probe you will see is the grill temperature probe. This probe tells you what temperature your grill is at. The temperature controller then changes the fans or dampers to fix temperature spikes.


The fan controls the internal temperature of the smoker. This keeps it stable and accurate. You want to ensure that the fan is powerful enough and also made of high-quality material.

Also, look for the speeds offered by the fan. Some units have fans that only run at one speed. Look for a fan with different speeds that will adapt to the grill during the cooking process.

Mount or Stand

How your unit attaches to the grill is another point to think about. Where do you plan to mount it?

Do you have space beside the smoker? Some controllers come with spring-loaded clamps for easy attachment. Others need you to replace the vent damper.

So, choose whatever you are comfortable with. Consider where you plan to keep your smoker and the space you have available.

Wi-Fi Connection

Most controllers today come with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections. This way you’re not tied to your grill. You can keep an eye on your food as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Wi-Fi is preferred over Bluetooth as it gives you a bigger range. You can leave the smoker and work on other things while being able to track everything on the go.

So if you love slow cooking for hours on end, this one’s a must.


A lot is going on with these temperature controllers. With so many probes, there are many temperature readings, timers, and other data.

You need a clear display to keep an eye on all info without getting overwhelmed. Luckily, we have great options so you don’t have to strain your eyes to make out the readings.


The warranty period is important for any device you plan to buy. Things can always go wrong no matter how careful you are. It’s always best to make sure you are covered against losses. The best thing to do is to look for devices with at least two years of warranty.

Safety Tips

Keep these safety tips in mind next time you fire up your grill! Let’s keep you and everyone around you safe and accident-free.

Safe Surroundings

Keep your distance from buildings, garages, houses, and trees. Things will get hot so stay away from all materials that might catch fire.

Keep an eye on children and pets. If they touch any of the hot surfaces, they will get hurt.

Dress Smart

Always use heat-resistant gloves and proper clothing when handling the probes and smoker. Avoid loose clothing that can catch fire or fall into the grill. Limit the amount of skin showing to protect yourself against burns.

Keep An Eye Out For Alerts

Always be near your phone if you are not by the smoker. Keep an eye out for alerts and texts from the mobile app so that you know exactly what is going on with your grill.

BBQ Temperature Controllers FAQs

Why Should I Buy A BBQ Temperature Controller?

It will improve the quality of the food you cook by keeping a steady temperature in the BBQ. This will save you time and effort when managing the actual pit temperature.

How Do I Install An Automatic Temperature Controller?

Most controllers are easy to set up and hardly take any time or effort. Most come with an adaptor that can be installed on the lower vent of your smoker grill. Where and how you mount it may vary per the type of grill. Usually it’s easy and mentioned in the manual for each model.

How Does a Temperature Controller Work?

The main task of the temperature controller is to control the oxygen levels inside the smoker. This keeps a steady temperature for even cooking. Temperature controllers usually work via fans. Connect the fan to your smoker to control the flow of oxygen until it reaches the target temperature.

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