The Best Meats to Smoke

You may be wondering what the best meats to smoke are. Whether you’re new to smoking meat or a seasoned pitmaster, here’s our list of the top meats to put on your smoker and serve up to your friends and family!

The Best Meats to Smoke

The Best Meats To Smoke
The Best Meats To Smoke

Smoked Hamburgers

Never smoked meat before in your life? Then the classic burger patty is probably the best place to start. You get loads of flavor and incredible results, thanks to the high fat and moisture content of the meat.

Just place in your smoker according to the manufacturers’ instructions and enjoy.

Smoked Steak

Smoked steak takes your beef experience to the next level. Smoking the meat brings out new flavors you never knew existed. It’s probably the most addictive smoked meat on this list.

Plus it’s easy to do. You just rub it with salt and pepper and then whack it in your smoker.

For a strong smoked flavor, use oak, hickory, and mesquite. For milder flavors, use cherry.

Smoked New York Steak

Smoked Salmon

Are you a bit of a fish lover? Then you’ll want to try smoking salmon.

The fish has high omega-3 content in its meat. So when you smoke it, you wind up with a unique and rich flavor sensation.

The prep process is quite involved and includes curing, rinsing, and drying. But once you start smoking fish, you never look back.

Serve with capers, dill, and cream cheese.

Smoked Pork Ribs

Whether you’re a first-time BBQ’er or a seasoned Pitmaster, you can never go wrong with a few racks of delicious pork ribs. In 0ur house, smoked pork ribs are the most requested meat and they are so easy to do.

Smoked Brisket

Is brisket good smoking meat? You bet it is!

When you get brisket smoking right, the burnt ends wind up tasting a little like candy. Add a bit of BBQ sauce, and you’re in business!

Brisket naturally lends itself to long, slow smokes. Put it in your smoker in the morning on low heat and leave it to gently cook throughout the day. By evening, it’ll fall off the bone.

Twice-Smoked Ham

Like pork, ham is smoked meat-lovers’ paradise.

But what is twice-smoked ham?

The law defines ham as pork cured in a nitrate solution. Many also come pre-smoked – the first smoke.

Smoking them again makes them twice-smoked. Just buy already-smoked ham joints and then place them in your smoker for an extra smokey kick.

What is the best way to smoke meat?

The best way to smoke meat is with a specially-designed smoker.

The best models let you use different kinds of wood to change the flavor properties of the smoked meat.

Can I smoke poultry?

Yes, you can absolutely smoke poultry, although it isn’t as common a practice as smoking fish and meat.

Chicken, for instance, can taste great after smoking. Just remember to add plenty of herbs to bring out the flavor of the meat.

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